Product Data Sheet
Engine Degreaser
1.0   Purpose:

Formulated to remove heavy accumulations of tar, asphalt
and oils from engines, road surfacing equipment,  tank
cars, oil tankers, storage tanks and other oil and tar
storage equipment.
2.0   Where used:

This special formulation is recommended for cleaning
automobile, engines, truck bodies, trucks, paving
equipment, refineries, and other areas where removal of
asphalt tar and oil are necessary.
3.0   Properties:

Spray on target area, allow sufficient time to penetrate
incrustation and then flush with water.  Remove the cap and
holding the container as vertical as possible spray.
Be sure to extinguish all ignition sources.
Packaging:  20 oz cans, 12/case,
case wt. = 15#
4.0 How used:

This is a gelled solvent consisting of penetrants, emulsifiers and
detergents.  The gel consistency allows long contact time for
the product to penetrate heavy incrustations.  The emulsifiers &
detergents allow all the material to be flushed off the surface
with water.   This is a non-caustic, non-corrosive product.

See product label.
Read MSDS for more information.
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