Product Data Sheet
1.0   Purpose:

Designed for the food and beverage processing  industry.  
The foaming action makes the product cling to vertical
surfaces.  This foaming action makes this product a thick
lubricant.  The colorless and thickness makes it ideal for
bicycle and motorcycle chains.  This foaming, clinging
action also makes it ideal for wire pulling.
2.0   Where used:

Used around food preparation areas where  lubrication is
needed.  Good for use to  lubricate chains, sprockets,
bearings, slide chutes.
3.0   Properties:

A foaming lubricant  that acts and appears to have heavy
viscosity and clinging properties.  Composed of all food
grade ingredients.
Packaging:  20 oz cans, 12/case,
case wt. = 15#
4.0 How used:

Remove cap.  Shake container.  Hold container as upright
as possible and 2 inches to 5 inches from area to be
lubricated.  Spray in short spurts.

See product label.
Read MSDS for more information.
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